I've had scoliosis since adolescence, but remained active in recreational sports with no noticeable impacts.  That was until I turned 35 when things started snowballing and I ended up in a pretty bad state.  Suddenly I was dealing with knee pain,  disc herniations, and imbalances that I'd adapted to over the years that were suddenly making a mile walk to the lake an adventure.  It was a scary time, and there is tons of internet 'noise' in relation to scoliosis treatment.  I'm so glad I took a leap of faith with Downey at Capital Area Scoliosis.  I read up on Schroth and convinced my sports medicine PT that exploring this was my best path forward.   Downey has been fantastic, providing education, and an exercise program that has led me to a far better place than I expected during a 6-9 month period.  She was fantastic in staying positive, working with me through the challenges, and even coordinating with my original PT on intersecting issues, to ensure I had the best possible shot at recovery, and life-style changes to prevent/minimize future impacts.   My curve has seen significant increases in both Cobb angle and rotation, and I'm back to the activity level I desired, feeling stronger, more stable and balanced then ever before.  Through Downey's recommendation I now even have an excellent neurosurgeon to monitor my situation going forward. I could not recommend Downey and the Schroth method she practices more strongly!

Steven T

I am a 72 year-old active woman who had been diagnosed with scoliosis and kyphosis a few years back.  I found that the older I was getting, the worse my posture was getting and I was developing forward neck posture which was discouraging. I tried yoga, regular exercising, rowing, personal training all to no avail. Finally, I joined a FB group looking for answers and it was here I learned about the Schroth Method designed especially for scoliosis and kyphosis. 

I immediately searched to see if there was a Schroth therapist nearby. That’s when I found Downey Hinrichs who is located in Annapolis.  I decided to set up a consultation. In that first meeting, she explained everything to me in a manner that was easy to comprehend and  her explanations made a lot of sense. From that one consultation, I knew she was gong to make difference.  I arranged a second session and it was there that I learned more about the proper exercises for someone who has scoliosis and kyphosis; what to do and what not to do!! I learned the proper way to stand, to bend down to pick up things, to sit properly etc, things I thought I was doing correctly. I came out of that first meeting feeling so empowered after living a life of trying and not succeeding.  If you are really serious about making a change in your life, to feel better, to look better and to know that you are making positive strides in  your physical well being, I highly recommend you reach out to Downey.  She is simply amazing! She will walk you through each step and make sure you are doing each exercise correctly before introducing another exercise. I’ve had 3 sessions with her so far and can honestly say, I see a difference, something I have never said in all my years of trying. I look forward to more sessions and to feeling empowered about how I look and feel.

Linda McCarthy

My daughter is very comfortable to have an open conversation with Downey about orthopedics and surgery. She doesn't open up to many people on this topic on her own. It was very helpful and therapeutic for my daughter

I am totally impressed with the care and advise Ann Hinrichs has provided me thus far. She is very knowledgeable in her field and I am confident is will address my issues and provide me with the best course of action.

Ann Hinrichs is wonderful! She is very competent, down-to-earth, easy to talk with, with practical suggestions for ongoing exercises."

I have never felt stronger!

Very professional and knowledgeable. Ms Hinrichs provides a graduated, tailored program designed to maximize improvement.

Great service and extremely friendly! Very thorough explanations and seemed to show a genuine interest in her work.