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Testimonials and Outcomes

" I've had scoliosis since adolescence, but remained active in recreational sports with no noticeable impacts.  That was until I turned 35 when things started snowballing and I ended up in a pretty bad state.  Suddenly I was dealing with knee pain,  disc herniations, and imbalances that I'd adapted to over the years that were suddenly making a mile walk to the lake an adventure.  It was a scary time, and there is tons of internet 'noise' in relation to scoliosis treatment.  I'm so glad I took a leap of faith with Downey at Capital Area Scoliosis.  I read up on Schroth and convinced my sports medicine PT that exploring this was my best path forward.   Downey has been fantastic, providing education, and an exercise program that has led me to a far better place than I expected during a 6-9 month period.  She was fantastic in staying positive, working with me through the challenges, and even coordinating with my original PT on intersecting issues, to ensure I had the best possible shot at recovery, and life-style changes to prevent/minimize future impacts.   My curve has seen significant increases in both Cobb angle and rotation, and I'm back to the activity level I desired, feeling stronger, more stable and balanced then ever before.  Through Downey's recommendation I now even have an excellent neurosurgeon to monitor my situation going forward. I could not recommend Downey and the Schroth method she practices more strongly! "

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